360 explore … a new world in immersive content

The digital world as we know it is changing the way we all look at an image. Where once it was in print, we now almost exclusively look at images on our phones, computers and smart TVs – the digital photo frame is even putting pay to printing pictures for our walls.

We are now welcoming in a new era of immersive 360 photography and videography, putting you, the viewer, in the driving seat.

What are 360 images?

360 degree images allow you to explore a space without leaving your seat. The allow you to look around a room, even stand in iconic venues and experience the space in a virtual environment, rather than a small postcard sized chunk of it, as was the case with traditional photography.

How do users experience a 360 environment?

There are three main ways users can experience 360 content. Firstly on their computer. here you can have an image that users can scroll with their mouse to look around the image created (or you can set it to automatically pan around a space).

Secondly on a mobile, users can view the image seamlessly by either scrolling with their finger on the screen, or by dynamically lifting and ,moving the phone around to look around.

Finally, a user can link their mobile up to a VR headset for a fully immersive experience to feel like they are in the space we have captured.


We believe that virtual content and 360 images and video are becoming the way consumers are wanting, and expecting, to experience spaces and brands.

We also believe that your customers deserve to experience this in high quality … let us put you at the front of the VR revolution.